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Drone Video and Still Images

Dipping our toe into the relatively new art of drone photography and videography started for us in the summer of 2022 with the purchase of a Mavic 3 Pro from DJI.  Although it is arguably an ‘entry level’ platform, there’s nothing wrong with the quality of the images and video this amazing little unit is capable of capturing.  The gallery below shows examples of the still images created from photographs captured using the drone and video footage may be viewed at our ‘Holmfirth Drone’ YouTube Channel, follow the link below…

Drone Still Image Gallery

Lamb Live at Manchester Cathedral - October 2017

Lamb are an English electronic music duo from Manchester, whose music is influenced by trip hopdrum and bass and jazz. The duo consist of producer Andy Barlow and singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes. They achieved commercial success with the hit singles “Górecki” and “Gabriel”. 
The images in this set were taken during their gig at Manchester Cathedral in 2017 and shortlisted for inclusion on thecover of their live album.