So you say you don’t like Silver Birch?

Let me see if I can change your mind…..

Autumn sees the Silver Birch at it’s most vibrant
They can be pretty dynamic in summer too!
They often keep a few leave late into winter
Even with no leaves they can lift a landscape image
And if they’re good enough for the great Ansel Adams, they’re good enough for me!

Image courtesy The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Silver Birch by Herbert Asquith. April 2012.

O SILVER one, O silver one,
Above the valley of the Bane:
O stem with snow-water agleam,
And glistening limbs, and trails of pearl.

The sun has sent a slanting kiss: 
Red fire and gold, his arrows burn: 
Now that he aims a shaft at thee, 
Red fire and gold to silver turn! 

When I am spent with the ways of men.
I’ll wash my hands in melting snow:
And live with thee among the oaks,
And watch the river swirl below.

But I must ever be travelling
From sea to sea, from shoal to shoal:
Farewell ! O still and beautiful,
I would thy valley were my goal!

Still not convinced…..?